Artwork Requirements
Our talented Art Department can take your creative ideas and produce production ready artwork right from scratch. To be of print-quality, artwork must be of high resolution, saved in the proper colour mode and be the right size. In order to process your order quickly and to minimize the potential for additional charges please review the guidelines below.

Before beginning:
Before beginning to create new artwork or preparing to send existing artwork to us, determine which type of artwork you have.

Archived Files and Digital Images:
There is no way to increase the resolution of a file. Resolution is set when the digital artwork is first created. If the quality is poor to begin with, there is no easy way to correct it.

Photos and Scanned Images:
The key is to set your resolutions and file-type setting on your scanner or camera BEFORE creating/scanning the image. The image should ideally be 1200 dpi. but of no less than 600 dpi. Files submitted in colour can be digitally printed on vinyl. Files submitted for Photometal and Engraving should be in Black & White or we will change it to grey-scale prior to output.

Files Created With Art-Based Programs:
When creating this type of artwork, use a drawing program such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator and not an office program such as MS Word, Excel etc. (details below). If your program will not allow you to set the resolution it is likely not a drawing based program.

Images downloaded from the Internet:
These images are generally not acceptable. They are usually low resolution, unless they are noted as being high-resolution images specifically designed for print quality.

Methods of Transmission:
You can send us your files by; Email, Floppy Disk, CD or USB mass storage device. Please be sure the emailed files include your company name in the subject line.

File Formats We Can Accept:
- Corel Draw version 13 or earlier (.cdr)
- Adobe Illustrator CS2 or earlier (.ai)
- Encapsulated Post Script (.eps)

Please convert all fonts to curves before submitting files, or submit the actual font used to create the file. This will eliminate any font substation errors.

All Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator files that we work with are vector files. Vector files are of the highest quality and can be resized an edited without affecting the quality. Please do not submit the following file types for use in logos or type; jpg, tif, png, psd, or bitmap. Bitmap files that have been imbedded into the artwork generally cannot be used.

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