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Metalphoto is photosensitive anodized aluminum. Metalphoto is also referred to as photo anodized aluminum. The Metalphoto silver halide image is permanently sealed within the anodic layer, making it virtually impervious to chemicals, heat, abrasion, salt spray and UV. Metalphoto meets an array of commercial, government and military specifications including MIL-STD-130N for Department of Defense UID data matrix bar code applications.
Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum combines extreme durability in harsh environments with a high-quality, long-lasting appearance. Metalphoto nameplates and panels function perfectly for years, maintaining their original appearance under an array of challenging conditions including extreme heat, humidity, long term exposure to weather, UV and other outdoor conditions, salt spray, abrasion, industrial solvents and chemicals and more.
The durability for which Metalphoto is known is the result of a unique manufacturing process in which a silver halide image is embedded within the sapphire-hard, anodic layer of the aluminum.
The National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers (GPI) proclaims Metalphoto to be the most durable aluminum substrate; citing superior resistance to abrasion, heat and sunlight.
Metalphoto Thicknesses
The most durable of aluminum identification plates, Metalphoto is available in a range of thicknesses and finishes. Specific thicknesses include .012", .020", .032", .063", .090" and .125".

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